Nature Fights Back

Out for a walk through the fields on the outskirts of Guildford, contemplating, as I do every waking moment of my days, how, we as a species are going to get ourselves out of the global epidemics that are so obviously occurring all around us.

It is a good time to think about these things when you are out in Nature, where you are surrounded by such symbiotic relationships between trees, plants, birds, rabbits, squirrels, horses and all other species that dwell under the protection of our Great Mother. A symbiotic relationship, that we were also apart of, a time long ago when we worshipped our planet and recognised it to as The Great Mother Earth, the bringer of all life.

After walking for a little while asking myself why we continue to pollute the world with more and more plastic knowing the damage it is doing. Why we continue to spray chemicals over our land just for a bigger yield of the produce.

We do this at what cost? These chemicals strip the earth of its vital nutrients leaving nothing but baron land for the generations after us. For what reason do we behave in such manners? Well, as we live in a monetary based society which is driven by greed and allowed to flourish through our immature ego’s we find our answers.

I pray we can make it through this, I am always asking for signs of hope, and it is only then I am displayed with the beauty of an old farming machine which looks like it could have been used to spread fertiliser over the land. This machine sits on the edge of a field rusting away in its decommissioned state and through the middle there is a young tree growing.

I see Nature displaying a show of reluctance, reluctance to bow down to the industrial world.

It is now I look to this skies with my hands held together and thank the almighty universe for this. The fight is not finished, there is still hope for us yet. This display of strength elevates me, for so long the industrialsm that began in what is said to be around 1760 has pushed the forces of Nature away and looked at as nothing but a resource. Yet here this tree stands forcing its way through this old machine making a statement of its own.

Another angle of the young but mighty tree!

I head home from my walk feeling a renewed sense of hope, and I stir my imagination towards cities with ivy covered skyscrapers, cars fuel by hemp, free and renewable energy for all and running water that needs no sterilisation.

It is important to imagine a world like this, for everything in our existence started in our imaginations, it is the only way we will create such a world. But I cannot do it alone, we must all imagine, act upon and change to create this cleaner, safer world we so desperately need.

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