Quinta da Fortuna 13.10.2017

Hello, as promised, here is another day spent on the plant nursery in Portugal! I will post another day very soon!!

Another beautiful morning captivated by nature, I am awake earlier today as I went to sleep so early last night after my exhausting day! I decide to seize the day and get up for some morning yoga, a much invited activity as my shoulders are always in a lot of pain in the mornings. I finish up with the yoga as breakfast time is fast approaching, I get to the terrace to the welcoming sight of another delicious breakfast.

Sabine says this morning I will accompany Didi to go and collect stones for some of the plants and we will be taking their greyhound Buddy with us. I am excited to see what landscapes this adventure will be bring.

We get buddy in the car and set off down the road, we drive with the windows down to let the morning air into the vehicle. Didi has forgot some buckets for the stones so we stop off at the nearby by rubbish bins to see if we can salvage something, luckily we get two boxes and two buckets. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

We head back down the road and stop off in a field. We get out and Didi says we will walk Buddy first and worry about the stones before we leave! I look around, it seems this was once a large scale orange orchard and by the looks of it, it has not been used for a while! Some trees are bearing fruit, I take a small orange off a branch and rip it open to suck out the juice, it is so fresh and sweet that I realise I was wrong in my assumption of oranges, the flavour confirms it is an old mandarin orchard! As I look around more, I notice a variation in the trees, there are figs, olives, almonds, lemons and mulberry, most of which are either dead or dying!

We keep walking and come to a ruin, Didi says the houses here were made from stone and clay once upon a time, all of which would be sourced on the land! The thought of such times makes me smile, I decide to go in for a closer look. After climbing in, I come to the conclusion it would have been a small house, with only one floor, as there was not much rubble on the ground. I climb out and we carry on, Didi points out some wild thyme that is growing here, now that he has pointed it out I realise it is everywhere! We pick some and chew on it, it is strong on my tongue, almost a heat similar to a chilli (not like the one on my first morning at The Quinta!). We circle back round to the van, collect the stones we need and head back.

Upon arriving back Didi instructs me of what he would like me to do. Firstly I put the stones where he has asked, I then grab the tree loppers and head to the back of the garden. I reach the overgrown section and get to work removing this out of control tree again, I realise it is quite rewarding as you can really see a difference in the area!

I spend an hour on this before Didi asks me to work closer to the house as he is going out and with Sabine not here, it is better I am here incase anybody comes in to look at the plants. I spend some time collecting empty plant pots before Didi returns. I go back to my tree loppers and continue for another hour before it is lunchtime. Another meal of soup before I go back to to the caravan for some more yoga and a shower.

After another lukewarm shower I sit outside the caravan to enjoy the afternoon sun and Claire Merle’s, The Fall, an interesting novel about a twisted pharmaceutical industry controlling the masses in Britain! I know a few people who would love to read this inspiring book!

I look out to the skies and realise the sun is quickly descending and the idea of having dinner on the rooftop terrace watching the sunset sounds like a good one! I make a simple dinner of lightly fried bread topped with peppers and cheese! I get upstairs with more than enough time to enjoy the sun disappearing beneath the horizon, the colours of the sky begin to change, the clouds become a nice shade of pink and as the sun makes its final descent the stars slowly come into view. The first sunset I have witnessed in Portugal, and I already know that it won’t be the last!

Before heading back to the caravan to continue reading the gripping novel, I put the kettle on and make some green tea with mint and lime! Once I am in bed it is not long until I drift off into the realms of dreams.

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