Quinta da Fortuna 15.10.2017

Hello again, here is the third day I wish to share with you all!


I arise at 05:30, it is dark but I can still make out the silhouette of the trees outside. I get up to use the bathroom and notice there is a chill in the air, it is October after all I tell myself and swiftly get ready. I grab some fruit, two bottles of water, my tripod and a book and head out into the starlit morning.

As I am walking down the road I stare out into the sky above at all the stars that are scattered throughout the dark abyss as if it were a dot to dot that if you were to complete correctly, the mysteries of life would be revealed to you. I notice the cold again and think how I perhaps should have bought a jumper with me, after ten minutes of walking the cold is unnoticeable and I am in high spirits.

Out loud I speak the first lines of a poem, then a second line, a third and so on until I find myself nearing the top of the hill I wish to watch the sunrise from. I arrive to the top and look to the clock, 07:13, I have twenty six minutes until sunrise. Again I can feel the cold against my now, sweaty body and wet shirt, I take refuge behind a bush to shelter from the morning wind. I take out a pear and sit on my bag facing out to the vast horizon that spans out in front of me. I follow the street lights with my eyes across the land until I reach the, just visible, Atlantic Ocean.

My imagination is on fire this morning as I start wondering how many boats might actually be out there, the fishermen, the cruise ships, the sailors or perhaps even the pirates. The thought of pirates triggers my imagination further into the treasures of the sea.

As sunrise approaches the land is becoming more and more visible, I notice how many old farms/orchards are here on the Algarve, none of which seem to be in production anymore. I guess that is inflation along with these mass producers owned by big corporations making the little guys obsolete and giving them no choice but to close down their operations. Sad.

I take my bag and move it out of the shelter of the bush and onto the path where I can see the sky becoming brighter and brighter. I allow my eyes to move around the landscape again before focusing on the horizon, directly to the point the sun will make its great ascent over the land and sea, dawning us with another beautiful day on the Algarve.

In these moments I channel my breathing, I completely surrender to the moment and enter it fully. The colours enhance, the energies that fill the atmosphere become more visible and after an unknown period of time the sun slowly comes into view as it silhouettes a mountain range far in the distance. I am entranced by the orange orb rising up into the sky, I stare directly at its magnificence. I find myself totally fixated as it breaks free from the mountain range and the complete sphere floats on its own, showing off its illuminating abilities, as the land and the skies become even more visible.

I stare at the sun until it reaches a certain point where the brightness is too much, I close my eyes and focus on my breathing and I get a tingling sensation down my spine, a good omen.

It is this giant orb that provides us with life, it is this giant orb that fights away the cold winter, it is this giant orb that provides solar energy, it is this giant orb that gives us light, it is this giant orb that provides the warmth we need and in this moment, it is this giant orb I am giving my thanks on behalf of the planet.

I sit here smiling a smile that stretches from ear to ear, I can feel my skin warming up and I can now see the birds that I could only hear early this morning. I take another pear and savour the moment before my desire for a wholesome meal takes over. I get my stuff together and start the walk back to the quinta with the beautiful scene I have just witnessed stained in my minds eye.

I arrive back and make a breakfast of fresh scrambled eggs with tomato, pepper and onion. I eat it down and head back to the caravan for a day of total relaxation, music, writing, reading and yoga.

The day moves on and the smile from the hilltop has not left my face and as I lay in bed about to go sleep, I think about the sunrise and how it is moments like this that I will never forget, it is moments like this that keep me travelling, it is moments like this that make the world such a beautiful realm, a realm of simple beauty.

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