Sat on Brighton beach half pissed…

So this blog has no direct meaning, I think maybe it is just a following of my thought patterns while I sit here slightly intoxicated after, as a nice lady in Twisted Lemon put it, choosing to conform.

Firstly I am in Brighton as I am undergoing a TEFL course at the moment which entails me to complete twenty hours in a classroom as a part of my course, of which, I am thoroughly enjoying!

Unfortunately for me and my susceptible self the first day has fallen on a Saturday. For those who maybe reading from a far and distant land, the culture in the UK on a Saturday is shots shots shots and more shots, especially in Brighton and especially when it’s your friends birthday and he is in town!

To cut a long story short, after money not spent well, I sit here, half intoxicated and alone on the beach thinking of people who I would love to have in my company right now and to those people I send my love.

I have so much more to add to this tale but I just don’t have the ability to fully ventilate my thoughts onto this post right now. However for those who know me could probably understand the tornado of thought that whirls through my head. Why do we do this to ourselves? What are we achieving? Who benefits from this sort of behaviour and why the @#£& have I become susceptible to it…. Again?

Note to self…. Please escape this egocentric society and create our own re-established society, with our own trading networks, our own schools, our own meditation and yoga centres, our own medicinal practices, our own forms of education and have our own rules, on land that belongs to us!

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