La fundacion escuela de solidaridad!

I have been meaning to write a blog about the foundation of solidarity ever since I was blessed with the opportunity of coming here to volunteer last year, however, words do not come easy when describing a place that has genuinely been built on love!

The foundation was founded by one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, Ignacio, I could not possibly articulate how much hope he brings to my life, and so many other people who have been graced by his humbling presence. If the world had more men with just half of the capacity of this man, it would be a much better place!

Ignacio and me!

His partner, Dora, carries an equal amount of love into this world, and like Ignacio, she inspires me and brings me hope. The warmth of her embrace has the power to sooth even the coldest of souls!

You can see the impact Dora and Ignacio have on every single individual who resides here, the amount of hope they bring into the lives of the residents is immeasurable!

My house is your house!

Everybody you meet here welcomes you with an open heart, regardless of your ethnic background, religious beliefs, disabilities or political views, you are seen for what we are at our roots, a human being; that is something that I will never forget.

A message we should never forget!

At the foundation there is a permaculture garden which is looked after by Los chicos de Gambia! Gilbert, Sam, Ernesto and James, they are all from the same village in Gambia where they have a fully established eco-village! A place I will undoubtedly visit in the future!

Los chicos de Gambia

The boys from Gambia, like Dora and Ignacio, inspire me so much. It brings me so much joy to be back in their presence and sharing such intellectually progressive conversations with them once again, it is such an honour that I am able to call these incredible beings my brothers and this incredible place home.

As my two day visit swiftly comes to an end, I wake up early to climb one of the smaller peaks in the Sierra Elvira to catch the sunrise. As I stare off into the eastern skies eagerly awaiting the rising of the sun I send my thanks to Jaime, another incredible being in my life, for directing me here.

Sierra Nevada and Granada

I remember him warning me that I would find it difficult to leave. He was not wrong, both times now have not been easy, there is a magnetic force powered by love that draws you in.

Now as the sun comes into view over the magnificent Sierra Nevada, I send wishes of good fortune for all of us here on planet earth, and more importantly, I thank the universe for the foundation and all that is good in the world.

The rising of the sun, a daily blessing!

I sit quietly for ten minutes enjoying the warming sensation the sun inevitably brings in Andalucia, Europes only desert, before heading back to la fundacion to spend the afternoon in the company of these great people.

Time moves forward as it always does and before long it is time to leave, I say hasta otra vez, as I am sure I will see them all again, and reluctantly head to catch the bus.

Next stop, Hidden Paradise, Órgiva.

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