The Subjectivity of Time

Now this is some serious stuff to blog about, I want to try and express my thoughts and feelings on the subject titled above hoping you too will come to a good understanding of it.

So firstly you may even be questioning what it means to make time subjective? Well making time subjective is simply making plans, either simple plans in the meeting of a friend or it could be futuristic plans of a holiday, both of which are seemingly not bad things for time to be subject to. On the other hand you might find yourselves in a position where your time is subject to negative scenarios, like a job you despise or simply doing chores.

Now we ask the question as to why does it matter if we are making our time subjective, particularly if we feel the subjectivity of our time is going to make us happy? My answer for this is quite simply because we all deserve to be happy, but not temporarily, I am talking about a more holistic sort of happiness.

When our time is made subjective we put ourselves at risk of disappointments and to be disappointed is clearly not a nice feeling, especially when it happens time and time again.

When I look at life I see all of the variables in its complex equation. What this means when trying to understand the subjectivity of time is we need to understand what influences we become subject to in order for us to make the decision in allowing time to become subjective in the first place.

I have always found that the subjectivity of time is merely an idea we become attached to. So what does this mean? Well in our westernised world we are not taught the negative aspects of attachment, so if we understood the importance of detachment maybe we could find ourselves living more fully in the moment, ever present, spontaneously flowing with the cosmic rhythm of the world.

Instead we find ourselves imagining wonderful ideas on how our future should look, or how we would like it to look. But where do these ideas formulate? Is it consistent imagery flooding the marketplace by the mainstream media? All these desires fed to us on a feed? Is that why they call it a feed? Paradoxically, I am feeding you an idea now… Haha.

Could it be that time is forcibly made subjective so these impulsive desires are harder to control, particularly when the impulsive desire is built on a temporary happiness within the idea of a new phone, new shoes or simply a quick dopamine fix from the local McDonald’s.

We are all aware we need money in this world, so we must make time subjective in order for us to survive. Exchanging life’s most precious gift to win our bread while the profiteering corporate world cash in on that, it is a backwards system that makes no sense. Yet we all continue to abide by the societal structures to please our adolescent egos.

What if there was another option? Would you work towards it? Knowing that once you achieved the goal you would live in a world that our only concept of time and seasons was daylight and how the gardens are growing? Allowing you to live in the present, stripping us all away from the attachment of ideas that are fed to us from corporations to keep us turning the wheels of capatilism.

Some of you might be reading this thinking such a world is impossible to achieve. Well you are wrong, based on ancient sciences that are finally being resurfaced, we have the power to create any reality we wish to perceive, and we do this based on a belief system. In Rhonda Byrnes book, The Secret, we are taught that believing is receiving.

If everybody would just open their minds and hearts to the idea of an ecologically balanced world and started striving towards this goal, the universe itself would conspire to achieve this goal. The power of our own consciousness is extremely powerful, the power in a collective consciousness is unstoppable.

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