Divine Guidance

Throughout my life I have always done a lot of deep reflection, reflection as to who I am, what the experiences I have lived through have meant and how am I to utilise these and continue the journey of evolution, growth and transformation. I have moved a lot in my life and each time I have lived somewhere new I always have so much to reflect on, what this reflection does is it allows me to shed old layers of my ego that are no longer serving me, layers that may be, holding me back. Even though I make a lot of progress with this and further my own understanding as to the depths of myself, I am always reminded that I am human and I will have set-backs that leave me in an old-state of being.

One day earlier this year I had a set-back, after a three-day binge on vodka (something I hadn’t done for four years at the time) I was recoiling in my bed needing an escape. I swiftly jumped on Helpx and for the first time searched Permaculture for a host within the UK! It was in this moment that a divine intervention occurred and I was graced to find Finchams Farm. After reading the listing, I knew in my heart that I was meant to go there so I contacted Bridget immediately! We exchanged some messages and kept missing each other whenever we tried to phone but eventually we had a lovely conversation and it was arranged that I would be able to come and volunteer.

What is absolutely incredible about this situation, and living proof that we can create our own realities, is that a year prior to my arrival I was applying for the Schumacher College. In my application I was asked what I wished to achieve by undertaking their 6-month practical residency course, my answer in short was so I could create a Permaculture design program that would be used in rehabilitation programs for people recovering from addictions and other mental health disorders. This was because of the way it re-connects us with people, place and purpose through Permacultures way of being; Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

As crazy as it was, but I ended up removing my application from the college even though it seemed the stars had aligned and it was written that I would go to the college, I did this as I ended up on a spontaneous trip to Australia setting up a Permaculture garden for the delightful Happy Buddha Retreats in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney! It now seems I did this as God, Universal Christ, The Universe, or whatever pronoun you wish to use to describe the mysterious and providential occurrences that happen all around us in the miraculous existence that life is, had a different plan for me. For Finchams Farm is everything I had desired to create by going to the Schumacher College! Thou ask and thou shall receive, cause if we believe, we shall achieve!

Life on the farm has been absolutely incredible, it is extremely exciting to be a part of this project and working so closely with the residents here! Another aspect that I am extremely grateful for is the space I have been provided with as this has really allowed me to release the rebel within and step into the world of academia by studying a Psychology degree with The Open University! Finding time for my studies around the twenty hours of volunteer work has been easily managed as Bridget and the trustees offer total support!

I can honestly say that each day here is different, the range of tasks that are to be done on a small holding seems to be never ending! The grounds are huge and the gardens are glorious so outdoor work is never in short supply! However, rainy days permits me to be in the kitchen utilising my skills preparing breads and other delightful treats for us all here!

Bridget and the trustees have allowed me to create a workshop that I run with the residents here, the workshop is aimed at offering them a new way of viewing the world and their lives. Giving them an insight to meditation and the power of presence and prayer allowing them to re-create themselves and move away form their old states of being! So far this has been very well received by the residents and they have given me good feedback!

I have spent my time this autumn creating a much needed website for the project, the very website you may have found this blog through. This is something I have dedicated a lot of my time to recently as it is super important for us to grow and develop as a non-profit charitable organisation! We hope that this new website will attract more people towards what we do here at Finchams Farm!

I want to take this time to say thank you to Bridget and all involved for making my welcome here so warm and special and I also want to thank everybody at Hope Church, Thetford, and the new found family I have discovered there, my heart goes out to each and every one of you!

I know I am where I need to be right now for it is written in Gods plan, however, at the beginning I was continuously pulled back in towards the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle. What I am noticing is that the more I fall in love with Finchams Farm, and the people that surround me here, the lure of travel is slowly dissipating and I am becoming more grounded than ever before. I have so much to love to give and to be able to give it to this beautiful space and people, means the world. I am excited to see what is to come and what else I am going to be able to bring into this space!





2 thoughts on “Divine Guidance

  1. Such a present to read you, each time and this morning more than ever, a real support, like a deep and very white light to enlight my path. Like a clear blast of air coming to achieve destruction of my fears, the missing pieces in my heart to make disappear sadness and be more confident with all the changements happening right now. I m so greatfull to feel understood just reading you and send to you so much Love. I miss you!!


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