A Penny for your thoughts…

Coco and Penny

This is a tale of two dogs, Coco and Penny. They are the most adorable little chihuahuas, they make the best companions and together they melt hearts, particularly the hearts of our family, friends and now you!

The tale begins with Coco, he was so tiny when he was born, he could fit in the palm of my hand!

The handsome Coco

With everybody working all the time my mum decided Coco needed a friend to keep him company in the day. This is when we were blessed with bringing Penny, the most fragile of animals, home after she had been rescued.

Penny was ill treated for her entire life, she was force bred in a cage by some sick people who only cared about money! I find it interesting how this insignificant material turns people into greedy beings with no compassion towards who/what we are affecting with our behaviour.

Our precious Penny

Penny was so timid and frightened when she first came back to our loving household. She would often flinch, she would wee all over the house and she would occasionally have fits bought on from her traumatic start to life in the hands of them monsters!

These are things she still does occasionally, but we comfort her, we clean up after her and make sure she is showered with the love that all beings deserve!

It has been incredible watching Penny adapt to the daily routine of a dogs life in a loving home. How she has copied Coco in her attempt at learning how to behave in her new environment. Coco is a boy so he naturally cocks his leg when he goes to the toilet, penny is a girl and she will also, funnily, cock her leg!

Truly amazing to see such behaviour in another species. I ask myself how much stronger the influencial behaviourisms within our own adaptive species are in comparison to a dogs. Especially with the addition of speech to aid us in the learning process.

My mind works in a way that everything gets processed with depth, those who know me will understand this when they see my brain in action as it deciphers the puzzling world.

So I have to further ask myself why, when we can observe this behaviour in the life of dog, do we as a supposedly more intelligent being continue to behave in such destructive ways? This happens on all levels of society, particularly in the lower classes, which is where we observe characteristics from archetypes such as the wounded child, the escapist/addict, the rebel or the victim and more!

Since the dawning of Blue Planet 2 we have seen such a drastic change in our consciousness towards plastic pollution, this is amazing, it is so great to see the impact it is having in the UK and how the ripples are reaching the entire globe! When we all change our behaviour together, in unison, we send out a stronger message to the rest of the world. The power contained in a collective consciousness is unfathomable. It appeared we were starting to harness this power, together as a nation, as a species, to move in the right direction to actually begin rectifying the damage we have caused!

Then Easter came around and we all went out and bought lots of Easter eggs and other unnecessary commodities that the corporate elite push onto is in these false festive times. They continue to push these commodities onto us as we continue to buy them, and for the sake of what? Upholding a tradition that lost its truer deeper meaning within our colonial past.

You are probably thinking what has this got to do with my dogs? Well, after observing these two dogs grow together over the years and now to see Penny be the beautiful little dog she is today, it is so comforting! In this symbiotic relationship my dogs share, I observe some amazing characteristics, the same characteristics we all have inside us deep down. The possibilities when sentient beings are born and raised in a loving environment is incredible. What is even more incredible is when we take a sentient being from a chaotic environment and it manages to adapt to its environment and thrive with such joy. A clear sign that hope will forever exist.

One of the most significant reads of our times!

I do believe we can re connect with our truly sentient selves but we have a monstrous task of taking control of our egos and cultivating them in a way that is not just beneficial to ourselves, but is beneficial to our species as a whole.

I hear you, impulsive desires, I hear you.

I shall not act, I shall not act.

Understand why,

for the planet

is bigger than I.

Now remember, for every action there is a reaction. So act positively, love unconditionally, be respectful, be mindful and live in peace. We are in this together. Let us not make our next phase of evolution; extinction!